Cracking the secret of argan oil

This article was originally published on Visit Morocco. Argan oil is extracted from trees that only grow is one particular area of the world, near Morocco’s Atlantic coast. It is renowned in the health and beauty industry for its incredible moisturising properties and has a number of wider uses. It was the last day of... Continue Reading →

8 fun facts about Morocco

This article was originally published on Lazy Travel Blog. The Kingdom of Morocco, also known as the Gateway to Africa, is centuries upon centuries old. With a rich history, a beautiful variety of landscapes, and warm and vibrant culture, it’s a country that can’t be missed. It’s a fascinating place with a little bit of... Continue Reading →

Daniel Boulud’s chicken tagine

This article was originally published on NYT Cooking. Yield: 4 servingsTime: 1 hour 15 minutes Michael Kraus for The New York Times This recipe for an elegant North African stew comes out of the kitchen of Boulud Sud, Daniel Boulud’s sophisticated Mediterranean French restaurant in New York. It is a dish steeped in the flavors... Continue Reading →

9 traditions unique to Morocco

This article was originally published on culture trip. With a population that’s made up of Berbers and Arabs, each ethnic group has contributed to the country’s wealth of rituals, celebrations, and cultural traditions. Since most Moroccans are Muslim, there are influences from Islamic custom, but there are some things you’ll only find in the kingdom.... Continue Reading →

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